This is not the actual camera we use – we use modern HD DSLRs

Cinematography, NOT Videography
We won’t be upset if you call it that, but cinematography is like videography that went off to study in film school.

What’s the difference?  Traditional videography prioritizes ‘coverage’ over ‘story.’  A videographer will set up cameras and let them ‘roll,’ catching every second so they can later present you with your 2 hour long video.  Then it’s up to you to fast forward to the moments you really care about!  That’s where the cinematic edit comes in.  A lot of people think editing is all about what you put IN to the movie… but a lot of it is what you leave OUT.

It’s NOT just pretty pictures
Our cinematographers think like photographers – meticulously searching for all of the amazing and beautiful moments that make up your day.  They find the moments and all the angles to capture your story.  And the real story of your day comes from what is said just as much as what is seen.  That real dialogue becomes your soundtrack.

polyphonic-camera-girlWedding films, NOT music videos
We love music!  We spend an incredible amount of time carefully selecting the perfect songs to score each of our films.  Your story is our focus above all else… and music plays a vital role.  We don’t just take a popular song and try to fit it into your production – otherwise the song becomes the story rather than you!  That’s a music video.  This is one of the reasons we don’t typically play ‘requests.’  Another reason is that licensing your favorite Coldplay song might cost more than your entire wedding!

We take great care in selecting classic images set to carefully chosen music and soundtrack that will stand the test of time.

In addition to your handcrafted wedding film, we can also include ‘bonus features’ – elements from your day in their entirety:
ceremony and vows
toasts and first dances