We cherish our marriage as one of the greatest joys in our life.  Aside from our relationship with God, there is nothing more amazing, exciting, challenging(!), or more fulfilling.  Maybe that’s why we have a heart for young couples getting married.  We get totally wrapped up in all the beauty and emotion of the moment!

Kim is your consultant and guide.
She’ll get all excited with you about all the details of the day – your colors, your dress, your venue.

Larry will jump in with how we’ll film all of that amazing stuff in the most amazing way. He’ll offer some cool ideas for capturing your first look, special gift exchanges, and how we weave natural dialogue from your day into your beautifully crafted film.

About Kim Wiezycki, your Consultant
Had they met a year earlier, you could call them “high school sweethearts.”  Out of college and newly married, Kim became an elementary school teacher.  But the toughest job came when she was promoted to ‘Mom.’  She stays home with our two incredible boys, now in elementary and middle school.  And by ‘stays home’ we mean: cleaning, planning, grocery shopping, taxiing, science project building, disciplining, and crazy-good cooking – all while staying crazy-good looking. (Larry wrote that last part)
LarryKimEmmy copy

About Larry Wiezycki, your Cinematographer
With nearly two decades of experience in television and production, Larry has been recognized with several awards including 2 Tellys and 5 Emmy Awards.  He’s been a photographer, editor, director and producer.  In every aspect, Larry strives for creativity and visual excellence – while capturing the emotion of the moment – whether it’s a national client, his home movies or your special day.

We can’t wait to get started!

Guess what?
Our services are not limited to your wedding day. See what else we’re up to at We offer brand storytelling marketing films for businesses as well as stills photography. Wherever your journey in life takes you, we’d love to help tell the story.