Your big day will be different than anyone else’s.  Colors, textures, tastes – all amazing, and uniquely yours.  We start off by capturing preparations around the venue and then check in on you and your bridal party getting hair and makeup done.  Maybe speeches or vows are being written or rehearsed?  Are you exchanging a special gift before the ceremony? What are the guys doing (before they get ready in the last 15 minutes)?  These are all the little details that you’ll be so happy to relive many years from now.

The First Look
Have you considered breaking with tradition, letting you and your groom see each other just before the ceremony?  It’s an amazing and beautifully intimate moment away from the crowd, and we capture it in a very special way.  Your photographer will be able to get more beauty shots ahead of time too, allowing you more time at your reception.

Your CeremonyIMG_3615
From the arrival of your guests, to the kiss, to the grand recessional – we’ll cover it all.  In addition to your cinematic edit, you can choose ‘Bonus Features’ with a multi-cam edit of the entire ceremony.  That way you don’t have to choose between a beautifully edited film and missing that feeling of being there. Why not just have both?  It’s a have-your-cake-and-eat-it kind of thing that we include in our premiere collections.

Your Reception

You remembered your vows, now it’s on to first dances, toasts, speeches… and the party!  We’ve got this covered as well.  Just like the ceremony, we can capture all those wonderfully embarrassing memories told over the sound of clinking glass, multi-cam-edit them and make them available in your ‘Bonus Features.’


Story Elements
In the end, we’ll gather all of the story elements and build your masterpiece.  You were made for each other, and your handcrafted film should be a reflection of you:  simpleromantic… and captured with beautiful cinematography.

Your story is only beginning.  We can’t wait to see what happens.

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